In 1997 Jose Munoz moved to the Shenandoah Valley with a dream of being a successful landscaper.  In order to support himself, he worked full time during the day and pursued his passion after work and on the weekends.  Jose and his friend David decided to begin a partnership in 1999 which became J & D Landscape.  Their business grew rapidly.  In 2000 David decided to pursue other interests.  At that time Jose left his full time job to focus solely on the landscape business and growing his company.  Becoming a corporation in 2003, J & D Landscape now employees over 35 people and provides quality service to businesses and individuals all across the Valley.

J & D Landscape started in the Harrisonburg area and has extended our services to Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Staunton, Fishersville, Luray, New Market, Front Royal, Winchester, Woodstock, Mt. Jackson and Rockingham County.  We specialize in hardscape & softscape, grading, seeding, sod, hydro-seeding, trimming and pruning of shrubs and trees, mowing, line painting, pressure washing, leaf removal and snow removal.

Our central office is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
We are affiliated with the following organizations: Shenandoah Valley Apartment Association and Blue Ridge Apartment Council. 

Our Mission:

el-salvador-map4The founders had traveled to Central America in 1998 and were heartbroken over some of the living conditions that they witnessed. They brainstormed at length trying to come up with ideas regarding how they could help the people of Central America. At the time, they were both working as managers of other companies in Harrisonburg and felt that if they put their skills together they could form a corporation whose proceeds could accomplish some good.

The passion was so big that they oversaw the odds of being minority owned and lacking the initial knowledge of managing a landscaping company.

J & D Landscape Maintenance Services, Inc was established in 1999.

Over the past several years, the founders have been able to build several homes and churches, furnishing running water and providing help to have electricity brought to these homes in many villages in La Libertad, El Salvador.

The work continues to be demanding and when you employ us, you are collaborating with us to make a difference in many lives all over Central America.

Our company has grown from 3 employees to maintaining over 50 employees each year.
J&D Landscape Maintenance Services Inc. central office is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia.